The WATERWEAR swimwear line and its theme will reflect and we hope share, the fascination with these countless, amazing origins of water found in the most remote areas of the world. They must feature the most beautiful bodies of water, the topography of these territories and the amazing natural and man-made formations and structures formed and inspired by these locations.


​Combining our artistic and technical knowledge, a passion for the outdoors, relentless research and our own, exclusive, family owned

and operated swimwear manufacturing facility, the WATERWEAR line of swimwear and its theme was and is difficult to assemble but, in the end, should touch an emotion we all share .


WATERWEAR.BIZ, BIKKINIZ.COM, SWIMADDICTION.COM, JFREEMANS.COM, SHALEESWIM.COM, and featuring our SWWMGIRLS from around the world at SWWMGIRLSONLINE.COM are all swimwear brands made solely by us and made available through an exclusive division of SWWIMINC.COM