Honey, I just shrunk my new bikini!

You've just received that two-piece bikini set and right on time to take with you on vacation next week. It looks great! Exactly how it looked on the website. So, you set it aside to pack with the other things you're taking with you.

Of course you don't. You do what any normal person with a pulse would do; tear it open and put it on. Wow! You look good...really good!

You have completed the final stage of your swimwear purchase, it's a perfect fit, success is yours. Now you're ready to pack it.

However, after taking it off, you notice that in all the excitement, you've accidently gotten some makeup on the tri-top. Don't panic!

Most quality swimwear will be made from a Nylon/Spandex blend fabric. At WATERWEAR, we have our solid color fabrics made with an 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex mix. Our digitally printed fabric is a Polyester/Spandex blend fabric, which is ideal for achieving the vibrant colors and detail of our prints.

So, before you do anything, read the label. By law, a manufacturer has to have certain information attached to swimwear. This is generally a sewn-in label or as we prefer, printed on the inside of the liner.

Although the quality of fabric and liner varies among brands, the care instructions are mostly similar and easy to follow.

We highly recommend following our “Wash Care” instructions. WATERWEAR is high-quality and when timely and properly maintained, will clean up like new and will last quite a while, regardless of exposure to sun, salt water and chlorinated water.

Simple rules to follow are;

  • Hand Wash with a mild cleaner (something like Woolite, nothing like hotel shampoo)

  • Line/Air Dry (yes, you can hold it out the window of your car and no, your hair dryer will kill it)

  • Always rinse off swimwear when you're done swimming. Tap water or a pool shower works fine, regardless if you are in or out of the suit. Entirely up to you.

  • We include a slide-lock PVC bag with our swimwear which is great to keep stuff in. You just don't want to keep a wet suit in there too long.

  • Hot Tubs, Spas...etc., anything with water that has been heated to a high temperature will be your call. The combination of hot water and lots of bodies all crammed in to a small body of water makes the water difficult to balance.

Our best advice? Watch that person with the nice blue swimsuit get in to the hot tub and if they get out with an orange swimsuit, then you might consider taking a pass on hot tubbing.

Common sense and following recommended care instructions will reward you with a great looking swimsuit regardless of age.

Although, you're on your own with the hot tub.

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